A new album and a whole schwack of Xposure!


Dec 24, 2014

Here's an early Christmas gift that we got recently! Check out these photos by the very talented J. Dirom Photography, who is also based out of Calgary. At our Canon Image Square show in November, he won himself a new T5i camera with the first shot in this series.

Many thanks for letting us put these up, and definitely check out more of his stuff on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!

J Dirom 8.jpg


Dec 12, 2014

You know what's a great idea? Heading over to the ImVeryApe site to check out this list of the top songs of 2014.
We come in at #18, but there are many other awesome Calgary, Canadian, and worldwide artists on there. Do yourself a favour and listen up!

Also, check out the gigs page for some updates on the next few months.
We're going to be busy little bees, starting on New Year's Eve down at the Dog & Duck. We hope to see you around!


Dec 2, 2014

Aloha and bonjour, friends! We've got a nifty update for you today. We found out yesterday that our album, "The Cannon", has been nominated for a "Best Folk/Punk/Rock Album of the Year" award by a Celtic music site. Check it out here, listen to some sweet tunes, and vote for us if you're so inclined. 

We can't thank you enough for your support over the last few years. Be sure to check back soon for a list of show dates into 2015!


Nov 9, 2014

Good news, everyone! 

We got word this weekend that we've been selected for the honour of playing the Canon Image Square showcase event in a few weeks! 

It all goes down on Nov. 22 at 2:00 PM, right here in Calgary. It's a free acoustic event, so we'll turn down the volume and turn up the soul. If you come by and take a few pictures, you could win a brand-spanking-new T5i Canon camera! You can find more details on the gig page. We hope to see you there!


Nov 2, 2014

Well, well - jolly good news, everyone! An online review site/magazine out of Spain, by the name of Celtic Folk Punk, has featured us as their Band of the Month for November. They've tossed up a mini-article and some kind words at the link above, so you should definitely check it out. They'll be doing an album review soon as well. Super cool! We're humbled and grateful to have such support. All y'all are the best. :)


October 28

What a busy weekend! We played shows on both Friday and Saturday, and we have some new promo photos coming to delight your eyes. We've begun playing some new material, and we also have some swanky new shirt designs tossed into the mix. We'll get the links up for merch soon, once we figure out this confangled inter-nets thing.

Additionally, we'd also like to congratulate our bassist Taylor on his new engagement! (We promise we won't let him write any sappy love songs.)

September 25

A few days ago, the music review site ImVeryApe made a list of the 20 Best Calgary Songs of the Last Decade.  Craic The Lens was on it, together with YYC legends like Tegan & Sara, Boreal Sons, and Chad VanGaalen.  

What an honour to even be considered! We're humbled by the mention. Make sure you check out the rest of the list as well, since there are some amazing tunes to be found there. We've got quite the city full of minstrels here :)


September 16

The extremely talented photographer Bret Kenworthy took some great pictures at the Wrap Up party a few weeks ago. There are a few shots of us in the gallery, but you should definitely head over and check out the full album on his page. 

In other news, we've started working on a bit of new material that we hope to debut soon. Only another month til we're back on the stage!


August 28

Well first things first!

This past weekend we played at the X92.9 Xposure Wrap-Up Party. Golly gee, did we enjoy ourselves! Thanks to everyone who listened, showed up, bought us a drink, bought themselves an album, or just otherwise was great throughout the whole night. Much love and many thanks!

And now to the juicy part of this post: almost two years ago, on Sept 19, 2012, there were just three of us. We hauled our terribly heavy gear up to the rooms of CJSW at the University of Calgary, and played a set live on-air. Among the rest, the list included two newly-minted songs, "As Dust" and "Tip Your Hat To Broken Crowns", which would not be fully recorded for another year and a half. Aiden gave a nod to Newfoundland, Justin discussed recording, and Taylor was from Saskatchewan.

#throwbackthursday #musicyyc 


August 18

Hello friends! 

Head on over to our video section for a look back at the awesome night that was our album release! Boy howdy, that was a great time. 





August 14

Ah, the fall of 2012. It was a simpler time - when zoot suits were all the rage and women's ankles were still scandalous. In between the sockhops and the shindigs, though, we found time to record a song, which made it onto radio for a while. Not too shabby! #throwbackthursday




August 7

For today's Throwback Thursday, let's focus on our official mascot of the last two years, Gavin! Once upon a time he was small, and while those days are long gone, at least now he's the most stylin' dog in town! Come find us at the next show, August 22 at Morgan's Pub, if you want some threads like his :)


July 21

By the beard of Zeus! What a weekend. Thanks to every last one of you that came to see us on Saturday, and supported us by picking up a shirt or CD. Much love to The Evidence for dominating the stage, and congratulations to The Implicate Order on their new disc (check it out on iTunes here)!

Our next show is August 22 at Morgan's Pub, for the 2014 Xposure Wrap-Up party. Come on down for a pint and a jig!


June 12

It's #ThrowbackThursday. so here's a little collage for you. Come see us at Dicken's Pub on July 19, now that we're legally able to be in there. Cheers!





June 3

Hey everyone!

Last night we learned that we have been chosen as one of this year's Xposure winners, along with The Wisers and A Day As Wolves. The contest had some incredibly talented local bands in the running, so we're extremely grateful for so much support! This opens up some awesome opportunities for us, which we'll talk about more when we get further details.

Big thanks to X92.9, to Casey Lewis over at Echo Base Studios, and to all the many people who have helped us out along the way. We couldn't have made it nearly this far without you! Also big props to the entire Calgary music scene - we're proud to be involved with so many great musicians.

Here's to you, YYC!




May 17

Hello there, friends!

There's some big news happening around our camp these days. There's less than three weeks until our album release show, and we're aiming to make it a doozy. And as some of you may have heard, yesterday we were informed that we are one of the top ten finalists in the 8th annual Xposure contest put on by X92.9 here in Calgary. Sweet! It would be awesome if you popped on by their page and gave us a vote to help us on our way. (On the middle right, there's a drop down menu; we're nestled cozily under "Get Xposed".)

We couldn't have done any of it without your support and encouragement. A big thanks to every last one of you, and make sure you come on down to Broken City so we can celebrate properly!



March 17

We returned from our St. Patrick's weekend adventures in Kimberley very late last night. It was an unreal trip but it's left us pretty tired for today, the day of the Irish. Still, we wanted to put this little video here and give everyone a little glimpse of what's coming up from us. 




March 12

Hey Guys! Check out this article on us at www.imveryape.com! 


Feb 10

Hello pretty people. May we present, Craic The Lens: The Shower Sessions, Vol. 2. 




Jan 13

Well, Happy New Year, friends!

Yesterday was our first practice since 2014 rolled in. We spent the vast majority of it planning the next few months, including our album release and our St. Paddy's day festivities. This year, we'll be celebrating good ol' St. Patrick in Kimberley, B.C. and it's going to be one hell of a time. 

At the moment, we are trying to put together an anniversary show for March 7 or 8. Stay tuned for details!