A Look Back: 2013




Dec 14







Nov 3

It has been a little while, so first and foremost, hello, you're looking great.  

Okay, so we are back in the studio from Nov. 11-15 to finish the other seven tunes for the album. We are done with shows for the next few months – with the exception of one in Edmonton on Nov. 22. We're in the process of putting together our St. Patrick's Day festivities, and all signs point to a tour to B.C. and back, as well as the slight possibility of a name change, preferable to one that people can find on the Internet and isn't constantly pronounced incorrectly.  The album has a title, and that title is "The Cannon." Look out for some solo projects from Jake and Taylor, as well as some photography floating around the Calgary music scene credited as "Brass Knuckle Photo" (www.brassknucklephoto.com) . That's what Justin has on the go currently. 


August 19

We're happy to announce that this year Craic The Lens is taking part in YYC Rocks, presented by TLB Group, Axe Music, MCC North, MCC South, Guitarworks and Rock Lounge @ Studio 82. Previous year's events have raised funds for cancer research, kidney disease and diabetes, with this year being devoted to furthering the artistic abilities of young musicians throughout Calgary. The event takes place at Studio 82 the weekend of September 20 and 21 and will feature 30+ Calgary based artists and bands. More details soon!


Indie Anthems.jpg

August 2

We are happy to announce that Craic The Lens, along with our friends and fellow Calgary band Jenny (www.killjenny.com), have been featured on on Indie Anthems Vol. 2, a compilations series put together by WiFi PR Group featuring music from independent artists from around the globe. This year's compilation is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download at http://indieanthems.bandcamp.com. 3500 copies of the disc are also being distributed at this year's Lollapalooza in Chicago. We're very excited for the opportunity to be included on the disc, and even more so to share it with a band from the same city we call home.